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Definition: a type of document written by someone or group of people to announce the  general information.
Purpose: To present the report of information about something generally
1.   General Classification
a part of classification’s statewith general aspect of things, such as: animals, public places, plants. It will be discussed generally.

2.   Description
describes the things in detail, in terms of: parts (their function), qualities, habits and behavior.

Tenses: Present Tense

Language Features:

a.   Focus on generic participant.

b.   Use relating and action verb.

c.   Use Conditionals and logical connectives.



General Classification :
Venice is a city in northern Italy. It is the capital of region Veneto. Together with Padua, the city is included in the Padua-Venice Metropolitan Area. Venice has been known as the “Queen of the Adriatic”, “City of Water”, “City of Bridges”, and “The City of Light”. The city stretches across 117 small islands in the marshy Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic Sea in northeast Italy.

Venice is world-famous for its canals. It is built on an archipelago of 117 islands formed by about 150 canals in a shallow lagoon. The islands on which the city is built are connected by about 400 bridges. In the old center, the canals serve the function of roads, and every form of transport is on water or on foot.
You can see the amusing city’s landmarks such as Piazza San Marco, Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, Saint Mark’s Cathedral or villas of the Veneto. The villas of the Veneto, rural residences for nobles during the Republic, are one of the most interesting aspects of Venetian countryside. They are surrounded by elegant gardens, suitable for fashionable parties of high society. The city is also well known for its beautiful and romantic view, especially at night.