Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012


subjunctive devided into 4; They are:
              1. wish
               2. If only
              3. Would rather
               4. As if/ As though
    Subjunctive --------Past tense
    fakta-------------- present tense
Ex. I wish I were rich family.
         Fakta :  I amn't rich family

      Subjuntive---Past perfect
      f---- Past tense
 Ex. I wished that I had been rich familyy
       Fakta---I was not rich family
2.If Only--Present
 Ex. If only I had much money,I would buy new car.
   F--- I didn't have much money.
 b.If only--past subjunctive
  Ex..If only I nhad had much money.I would have bought new car
       F---I didn't have much money
3.Would Rather.
   Would rather---Present
Ex.He would rather I loved him.
    F---I dont love him
  Would rather--Past
Ex. He would rather I had loved him
     f--I didn't love him
As IF /AS THOUGH--Present.
 Ex.He as if  he were clever
 AS IF/AS though-Past Subjunctive
Ex. He as if he had been clever
f---He was not clever